How to get a permit and buy fireworks

Click HERE for a Permit Form (Downloads Word Document) 

Permits must be lodged at least 21 days before the display. You can apply right now! The Permit Cutoff at ServiceTAS for:

Cracker Night (Sat 26th May) 2018 PERMIT CUTOFF is Friday 4th May.


Permit and Ordering Details

  • You need a permit to purchase all consumer fireworks.
  • We have an online store ONLY and take orders that we pre-pack in Hobart.
  • You can apply for a permit any time of the year, provided that it aligns with an approved purpose shown on the permit form. 


    Key steps to get your Fireworks

    Step 1Organise your PERMIT. Click here for the permit form. 

    Step 2 – Order your FIREWORKS 

    Step 3 - Collect your FIREWORKS

    Step 4 - Enjoy your FIREWORKS with friends and family!