About Us

We conduct professional fireworks displays and retail fireworks to the public in Tasmania. We are the biggest retailer of fireworks in Tasmania, and the only Tasmanian based professional fireworks company in Tasmania


Bright Star Fireworks started in Tasmania in 2003, with its first shop opening in Moonah in November 2003.  It was our absolute pleasure to bring the best range of fireworks in Australia to Tasmanians.  This was followed by shop openings in Launceston, Devonport and Burnie.  While Our core activity is professional fireworks displays, we are passionate about retail fireworks as this experience allows people to get closer to fireworks and really have more fun and excitement due to the proximity and more hands on fun.


We are committed to safety and our proud of our customers excellent safety record over the years. With the introduction of the NEW fireworks laws in 2010, commercially the full time shopfronts were no longer viable. We have since found a way to offer the retail of fireworks through our virtual shop, and our customers seem to appreciate it.


Best Regards,


Bright Star Fireworks Crew