Big Daddy Pack - Ground & 70% Aerial effects !

Big Daddy Pack - Ground & 70% Aerial effects !

  • 22000
  • Weight: 6.89 kg

A classic family pack, the aerials are similar effects to the Big Fireworks Display Kit, but in a smaller version. This assortment is perfect for those new to fireworks, so you can see a range of fireworks effects,  OR those that have younger audiences, the fireworks are low to medium in noise.  Overall great variety and value. Over $280 of retail value in this big tray. Its the ONLY assortment with Roman Candles in it.

14 Cakes!! (finale item listed below, or buy Fanblastic as your finale, its awesome)

7 Fountain pieces

8 Roman Candle pieces

2 Mine pieces

Total of 31 items. New ingredients 2015 (more aerials, variety and bigger than 2014 model), Custom made in China for Tasmania.

Item Name
Type Effects QTY
Earth Force 20's  Cake 16's one by one: Red / Green / Blue / Crackling Bouquet 1
Chrome Plated Cake 1 - 8 shtos: crackling comet
9 - 12 shots: Green tail up to report
13 - 16 shots: Green tail up to delay crackle with chrysanthemum
(sequential)  FINALE items.
16's Multi-Shot Assorted Cake 1. 16's green comet
2. 16's red comet
3. 16's yellow comet
Happy 16's Cake Red, green/ crackle (repeat above effect) 1
Missile Base 25's Cake 25's whistle up to report 1
S.O.S Cake Red comet tail, silver comet tail (circulate) 1
Speed of Light Cake Silver comet tail, green crackle comet tail (circulate) 2
Enemy Fire 18's  Cake Lemon, white glitter, crackler (circulate) 1
Party Starter 7's Cake Red star/ green star/ white glitter/ red star/ green star/
red, green star and crackle
Six Gun Cake Red star/ blue star/ red star with white glitter/ red star
blue star/ red star + white glitter
3# Cone Fountain 1. Solar wave-sliver Ti-rain
2. Solar flare-gold chrysanthemum
Gold Glitter Fountain Fountain Gold glitter 1
Green Glitter Fountain Fountain Green glitter 1
10 Balls Roman Candle Candle 10's yellow/ white stars (in alternate) 4
10 Balls Roman Candle Candle 10's red/ green stars (in alternate) 4
Pop Star Mine Red light with fountain, red and green crackle with bouquet 1
New mine Mine Green + sliver chrysanthemum fountain; Red wave + crackle bouquet 1
Stars Glitter Fountain Fountain Red star + white glitter; Yellow star + white chrysanthemum 1
Silver Anniversary  Fountain Ti-flower 2
Iron Man Cake #1-15's: White glitter comet tail
#16-19's: Green tail up to silver spinner (in quick sequence)



Below are a snapshot of some of the items, beginning with your finale cake, the Chrome Plated

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